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Andres Miracle Oil is a broad spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Extract Tincture. This tincture is concentrated and designed to be taken in small doses. The built-in dropper allows users to take small carefully measured doses. It can be taken sublingually by placing it under the tongue.

Andres Miracle Oil contains a proprietary blend of high quality omega-3 fatty acid oils, a blend of cinnamon and vanilla extracts, Non-GMO Hemp Seed oil, Organic Grape seed oil, along with extracts from domestically grown, farm bill compliant, and laboratory tested hemp, to ensure quality. It is offered in 900mg strength which delivers approximately 30mg of CBD per 1 ml serving.

This product was created by Blue Jay Manufacturing for Andres Maldonado. ARC chose to offer this product on our website after we heard of the inspiring story of Andres and his mother, Glorilu.  Read about Andres on his facebook page.  Search for Andres Miracle Oil – Hemp CBD.

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